Things to come

30 Mar

Ahh, a new year and for whatever reason, the feeling of new starts, new goals, new ambitions and a fresh pool of motivation to pull from. Strange. When in all reality, it’s just another day, another week, another month and yes, Another Year.

There’s many things carrying over from last year into this year. Unfinished projects, the birth of new projects and the continuing goals that are still in the making.

This year I strive to excel in my music career. To focus more on recording and mixing and less on anything that takes time away from that. It’s no secret I spread myself thin and that’s fine for the most part but I don’t strive to be a good mixing engineer or even a great engineer. My goal is to be the BEST engineer. Better than the mixing engineers I read about everyday and study from.

Call it my mission statement. Call it a goal. Call it a dream. Call it what you will. With my determination and the great people I surround myself with, this goal can be a reality and it’s up to me to make it happen.